Roof Replacement

Our team of highly skilled roofing professionals work diligently to ensure that your roof replacement is wrapped up quickly and with quality workmanship.

Dallas is among the top cities in the country for unpredictable weather and hail storms. Over time this type of extreme weather tends to cause damage to your home, most importantly, your roof. Collin County Construction is a licensed, general contractor that is among top-ranked roofer companies in Dallas.

At CCC, we understand how important it is to repair your roof as quickly as possible to avoid more issues such as water damage. CCC will make repairs to your roof and gutters and provide you with exceptional service throughout the process. Wondering if you need a new roof?


Top Three Tips to Protect Your Roof

  • Most hail damaged roofs do not leak immediately, nor can the damage always be seen from the ground. Given time, water leaks can cause rot, black mold and safety issues.
  • Your claim must be filed within 6 months to a year following the storm that caused the damage to your property. In order to receive full compensation for your property repairs, this time frame is crucial.
  • Calling in a claim will not increase your insurance premium. In fact, it is against the law for your insurance provider to increase your premiums for arranging to have your property damage assessed.


Seven Steps to Restore Your Storm Damaged Home

  • Project Manager Meets with Customer- Your representative will walk you through the process and benefits of repairing your storm damage property through your insurance company.
  • Project Manager Inspects Your Roof- Your Representative will do a thorough inspection of the exterior of your home for significant and often overlooked hail and wind damages.
  • Contact Insurance Company- You will contact the insurance company to file your claim and set the process in motion.
  • Project Manager Meets Insurance Company- Your Representative will meet the insurance adjuster to answer questions or clarify our recommended repairs for the insurance.
  • Homeowner Contacts Project Manager- Contact your CCC Representative to Review the scope of work and reimbursement check.
  • Collin County Construction Completes Work- Collin County Construction completes your job per insurance company‚Äôs estimate. This is typically a one-day process to ensure your satisfaction.
  • Another Satisfied Customer!- The customer is delivered a completed job and a feeling of satisfaction.


If you are uncertain about the condition of your roof, give us a call to set up your FREE, no obligation, inspection!