Insurance Claim

When severe storms or accidents leave you with damage to your property you need a general contractor with the commitment and capability to do the job right.

Collin County Construction is a licensed general contractor with many years of experience dealing with insurance claims. An important thing we inform all of our clients of is that you only have a limited amount of time to file a claim with your insurance provider after a storm has caused damage to your home.



When you file an insurance claim, we work with you and the representative assigned to your claim through the entire process. Making sure every detail is handled with your best interest in mind. Our representatives have extensive knowledge of how the process works and have thousands of successful claim projects.

The Collin County Construction Project Manager can help to point out things that an adjuster might miss such as window screens, AC units, gutters and downspouts, light fixtures, or interior damage. CCC can also send your project manager to your property to represent you if you are unavailable during the time of inspection. If there is a sufficient amount of damage your claim should be approved and we can get to work with the repairs. If at first, your insurance claims that there is no damage, you have the legal right to ask for a reinspection.

After your claim has been approved, the insurance carrier will pay for the damages. You will get the first check usually within a week after approval. This first check that you will recieve is the Actual Cash Value, which is the value of that is paid based off the age and condition of the items. This check will be the value of the job without depreciation. Depreciation is held until the job is complete. Please note that all funds that are approved by your carrier are due to the contractor to pay for the work done to restore damages on your home.


Our Team is Your Team

Here are our recommended steps:

  • Contact CCC to discuss the details of damages on your home
  • Call your insurance company and file a claim for damage.
  • Make an appointment with your insurance adjuster for a specific time.
  • Call your project manager and give them your insurance adjuster’s information and the appointment date and time.
  • We’ll walk you through the rest of the process

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