Warehouse and Flex Space

Warehouses Construction
Warehouse construction used to be a fairly straight-forward project, but over time the requirements for these facilities have become more complex. Warehouse design now demands integration of new advancements in inventory control and other types of automation. Our team can analyze your needs and offer suggestions on the best building type to fit your business and your budget – pre-engineered steel, reinforced masonry, precast, or tilt-up. Whether you need a building as simple as a basic “big box” or as complex as an integrated facility that supports various commercial and industrial functions, Collin County Construction has the experience and expertise to deliver the quality building needed.

Flex Space Construction
A flex-space is a facility designed to accommodate a wide range of businesses and business activities. Collin County Construction‘s diverse experience with warehouses, office buildings, distribution centers, call centers and other types of facilities allows us to build highly successful flex spaces which meet the needs of our clients every day.