Green Building

Green Building Expertise

As you might imagine, it’s important you find a green building contractor well versed in green building practices for your project.

Green building contractors play an important role when it comes to green and LEED building construction – you could say we operate where the “rubber meets the road.”

Throughout the building process, we implement and document green building measures that are substantially different from those of typical projects.



green building contractor


LEED Accredited Contractor

CCC specializes in LEED construction and has LEED® AP Building Design + Construction credentials granted by the U.S.  Green Building Council.

Our team is committed to the ever-increasing demands related to environmental issues and our clients’ desire for LEED certified building. We encourage our entire team of Construction Managers, Project Assistants, and Superintendents to become LEED accredited.

What does this mean for our clients?
Our construction team will be more involved, more aware, and more beneficial to their project and overall LEED certification process.

In addition to being recognized by the U.S. Green Building Council, Collin County Construction employs a full-time green building consultant who will work with the construction team to ensure that your project achieves the LEED certification desired.


As a general contracting company and LEED accredited firm, our professional staff has direct experience in providing the following services associated with LEED compliance:

  • Developing and executing action plans as required
  • Logging, tracking and documenting LEED-related construction items
  • Compliance with the LEED requirements of the project documents
  • Developing and executing the internal air quality plan
  • Developing and overseeing the construction waste management plan
  • Monitoring and logging submittals for various materials required for LEED certification, etc.
  • Monitoring and inventorying renewable, recyclable, and regional materials
  • Developing flush-out procedures and overseeing the process (if pursued)
  • Developing and executing other plans as required

If you’re searching for a general contractor for your green building, contact our team today!